Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brighterworks Goes Cyber!

I must admit to still being a bit web shy and web new, but after a couple of years of timid one finger keyboard pecking like a chicken caught in the headlights on the “information super highway,” I realized the necessity of being online and so we at Brighterworks have matriculated to this blog. And now, with the help of friends we are happy to announce that we have also now birthed a healthy and happily growing website: http://www.brighterworks.com/ ; “The Durable Alternative To Brightworks”. Click on the above link and go!

Or, if you’re web challenged like me, or if you just prefer the human connection, connect with me at 206.762.8300 and I’ll be happy to speak at length with you about our products.

Today’s news is that Brighterworks is featured in this month’s Northwest Yachting Magazine in the “New Products” section on page 64.

More later.


Paul Hoffman

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